Celebrate Celtic in Algoma

An All Canadian Ceileigh from Coast to Coast

Celebrate Celtic in Algoma 2019 brings to Sault Ste. Marie the many styles of Celtic music from around Canada.  This season features 3 incredible performances of the individually unique sounds of Cape Breton, Quebec and B.C.!


Cape Breton Celtic

Thursday, October 24 in The Pub at The Water Tower Inn

Three of the finest fiddlers from the East Coast of Canada in concert!

Andrea Beaton comes from a long line of Beaton and MacMaster musicians, which explains why her music is her own and deeply rooted in the Cape Breton tradition. From as young as 6 years old, Troy MacGillivray was impressing audiences with step dancing and soon after, fiddle and piano skills and his commitment to music has spanned 30 years. His roots-centered approach has the power to inspire audiences and comes from a family of proud Scottish heritage where fiddle playing and Gaelic traditions run in the bloodline.   Wendy MacIsaac is a renowned fiddler from Cape Breton who is recognized as one of the “old school” style of players who has kept the traditional sound going and has a deep respect for it.  Collectively they share the same musical ancestry and they will give you a superb sample of one of Nova Scotia’s cherished cultures.

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De Temps Antan

Friday, October 25 in The Machine Shop

 It takes a special blend of musical flair to create memorable songs of yesteryear! Songs with a hint of contemporary—dosed with uncontrolled laughter, deep-rooted couplets and sudden, impromptu shifts—that speak to familiar rhythms of the past. Welcome to the original musical stylings of De Temps Antan!

Éric Beaudry, David Boulanger and Pierre-Luc Dupuis have been exploring and performing time-honoured melodies from the stomping grounds of Quebec’s musical past. Using fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and a number of other instruments, our three virtuosos blend boundless energy with the unmistakable joie de vivre found only in traditional Quebec music.

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The Fretless

Saturday, October 26 in The Loft at The Algoma Conservatory of Music

The Fretless is the Canadian ensemble playing an essential part in the emerging movement mainstreaming traditional music, and connecting traditional styles with diverse audiences around the world. Through its deconstruction and transformation of the usual rhythmic, harmonic and structured arrangements of fiddle styles around the world, The Fretless is pushing traditional music to a new place, and has now issued itself an atypical challenge in the mission to find and convert fans unfamiliar with “progressive”

traditional music.  Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeurves at intermission prepared by Rosetta Sicoli in this beautiful and intimate new venue.

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